Blogmas Day 9 // Reading Journal Guide

As much as I love cataloguing books on Goodreads, I also like having a physical record of my reading progress throughout the year. For 2017 I decided to create my very own reading journal using an old exercise book I'd never used. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and I have a feeling that I'll be adding even more pages and ideas to it as the year progresses. But, I thought I'd share what I currently have with you so far! Feel free to use any of the ideas I have in my journal, but I'd super appreciate it that if you do share images of it around that you credit me. Shall we have a look then?

The most important (I'm joking) part of the journal is the cover. I made a little panel to write 2017 Reading Journal in and then I doodled all over the cover to give it a what-I-call AMAZING design. Again, joking. I really like the hand doodled covers that are quite fashionable at the moment so I decided to do my own. It's not quite as neat as I'd like it, but I think it looks quite cute and it's too late to do something different now!

I thought the easiest way to keep track of the books I have to read in the journal (along with the list which I showcased in a previous post) so I copied up my TBR list to the front couple pages. I made sure to leave room for all the other books I'm sure to purchase throughout the year! This is one of my favourite parts of the journal, mainly because it's the only bit that I was able to fully fill out at the moment, but also because it just gets me so excited for all the books I have to read!

Just as I've done this year, I created another Book Bucket List. But for 2017 I've been a little less ambitious. These are the books that I really must pick up in 2017. Some of them are the same as my T5W with good reason! I also want to take part in the classics challenge where you read a classic every month of the year. I've been saving some of mine up to ensure that I can complete it in 2017! Some of the books I have lined up include: No Surrender, Alice in Wonderland, 1984 and Mrs Dalloway. I really would like to read some more classics next year.

I don't participate in many read-a-thons but I thought I should dedicate a few pages to them so I can write out challenges, TBRs and dates when I do. Like, I'll definitely be participating in BookTubeAThon again!

The next section is all about book events, I'd really like to go to YALC again in 2017 and I'm hoping to hit up some other excellent signings and things in the new year. This will be a great place to write them all down and remember all the great things that happened!

As a booklover I always buy too many books and I thought it would be interesting to keep track of the books I buy and how much I'm actually spending on them. I haven't done this in previous years so I'll be interested to get 2017 as a base year and see whether I think I'm spending an acceptable amount or not!

Finally, I like to keep track of a few stats and facts about what I'm reading so I thought a simple monthly stats page would be really practical for keeping track of all the different things that might be interesting.

How are you going to keep track of your reading in 2017? What do you think about keeping a reading journal?

Happy reading,
Amelia x


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