Blogmas Day 1 // End of Year TBR

Oh, hey December, when did you get here?
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this year's Blogmas! *cheers and screams of celebration in background* Are you surprised that there's actually a post going up? I know I am, if I'm completely honest.

For today's post, I thought it would be fitting to do an end of year TBR as we only have one month left to read all the books that just can't wait until next year! I don't want to be too ambitious, especially as I've been reading a lot less recently so I have four books to discuss that I'd like to finish before 2017 arrives with a bang!

Alrighty, let's get into it!

The first book I'd really like to read before the end of the year is The Muse by Jessie Burton. I read Burton's first book, The Miniaturist, back in 2015 and completely loved it. In fact, I gave it a full five star rating. Therefore, I was rather excited when I found out she was publishing her next book this year. I picked it up in hardback at a reduced price from a local supermarket and was really excited to start reading it. However, I wasn't in the mood for historical fiction so I kept putting it off. I don't want to wait any longer, though! The s
tory sounds incredible as it weaves together two different time periods and locations to tell the secrets of a piece of art. As I did Art as a GCSE I'm hoping some of that interest will be able to run free when I'm reading this.

My beautiful edition is published by Picador and the cover was illustrated by Lisa Pernin and designed by Ami Smithson. It truly is beautiful and I can't wait until I've read it and all the little illustrations begin to make sense on the cover!

The next book I'd quite like to read is a bit of a big one. In fact, it's 776 pages long. You've probably worked it out from the length that it's a book from the Song of Ice and Fire series. I fell behind in #ReadASOIAF so I've decided to take it slow and read them in my own time. The next one in the series I have to conquer is A Feast For Crows and I'm really looking forward to it. Obviously, as this is the fourth book in the series I can't explain the plot without spoilers, and with this series there are spoilers everywhere. So, I will assume you haven't been living under a rock and missed the cultural phenomenon that is GoT and I will let you use Google if you want more information. I trust your search engine skills.

Last year I read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler and fell completely in love. It's one of my favourite books, and a firm recommendation if you're looking for excellent literary fiction. Naturally, when I saw one of her other books for a reduced price online, I quickly bought it. That book is The Jane Austen Book Club. It follows a group of six people (one for each of Austen's completed novels?) who meet each m
onth to discuss Austen and apparently there's a bit of relationship drama for everyone. Fowler always has absolutely stunning covers and this one is no exception. The artists use font and silhouettes so expertly to create the covers. I assume it's the same people who design all her covers as TJABC doesn't say but WAACBO credits Simon Walker and Peter Dyer. Hopefully, this lives up to my expectations!

Finally, this wouldn't be Blogmas without the reference of at least one Christmassy book! I picked up My True Love Gave to Me (a short story compilation edited by Stephanie Perkins) in January and have been waiting for Christmas so I can finally read it! Thankfully, December is here at last and it feels acceptable to finally start reading this and getting the warm fuzzies whilst enjoying the festive stories. There's 12
YA short stories to get me buzzing for Christmas! I can't wait!

So there you have it, the four books I really want to read by the end of 2016. Hopefully I'll finish at least two of them. I think I may be most excited for My True Love Gave to Me as now it's December, Christmas feels super close. What books do you want to finish before the end of the year?

Happy reading,
Amelia x


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