Blogmas Day 15 // What makes a good secret Santa

It may a little bit late if you haven't bought your secret Santa a gift yet but I thought I would have a little discussion today about what makes the best type of secret Santa. In my opinion there are three types of gift you can get your secret Santa that really stand out for me so I'm going to run you through each of those!

Gift Idea #1 : Be silly :P
If you're doing a SS with a group of friends or just your work crowd buying a silly present is always a great idea. There are great options available including: novelty golf balls, light up hats, funny glasses and the list continues! This type of gift is perfect when you don't know the person well enough to get them something personal but want your gift to be remembered when you talk about them all at work or school. Another reason getting a silly gift for your SS is great is that it will help to cheer them up when the Christmas season hits them hard and they realise they haven't written any cards or wrapped any presents yet! Everyone needs a good laugh now and then.

Gift Idea #2 : Be thoughtful
You know that moment you pull a name out of the hat and realise that it's someone you actually care about? Yeah, me too - it really helps when you have to buy a gift for them! If you're lucky enough to get someone good for your SS then it should be even easier for you to get them a good gift. When you know them really well, I'd always recommend going down the more thoughtful or personal route with gifts. Maybe make them a scrapbook. bake them something or put together a box so that you can have a movie night in with them come new year. Once you know their interests, your options are limitless and it'll make it so much easier to buy!

Gift Idea #3 : Be generic
If I'm completely honest, I don't often engage in a secret Santa and not expect to get some sort of soap or shower gel out of it. How else do you think I stay clean? Buy it myself? The generic gift for any female would be a gift from the Body Shop or another brand that sells cutely packaged wash stuff. There's no shame with going generic, it works for a reason. If you're shopping for a male then I think Lynx is often quite popular and if not, there's always socks. You can never go wrong with socks.

I hope this quick and easy little guide has helped you out in your last minute gift buying. I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have!

Happy reading,
Amelia x


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