Blogmas Day 16 // Revision Techniques >>> Mind Maps!

One of my personal favourite revision materials is the classic mind map. This year my English teachers seem to be a little obsessed with them, so I am getting a little sick of them but they still remain a firm favourite.

The main reason mind maps are so useful is that it's very easy to go back to them and extend ideas by adding more arrows. This means you get to create a large communion of ideas that are fully developed and will lend to a really great answer to your essay questions. Not only can you extend your ideas, but you can also link the different branches. I know that a lot of the assessment objectives include linking ideas so I think this is an extra helpful addition to your revision materials!

The other great thing about mind maps is that it's very easy to break information down into separate branches whilst still being able to view the topic as a whole. This way you don't have to be concerned as to whether you've lost different sheets with different sections on as you have it all in one place. Honestly, mind maps help me to stay organised and they have many different uses.

Finally, the best thing about mind maps is that you get to use colour! My favourite thing about revision is using coloured pens and highlighters to make everything look pretty and stand out. It's always a good idea to make a key so you can group together causes, effects, key terms and interesting facts. This is great for when you start to prepare essay examples and need to plan out answers. You just have to pick out the relevant information for your question!

I'd always recommend using a mind map when you have a more substantial topic or are analysing quotes. I know that I've been using them a lot for English lit (not just due to my teachers!) and I really found it helpful to break down each chapter of The Great Gatsby and look at the key quotes and analyse them in depth. During the holidays I'm going to make some for RS as well to help me out with revision for that also!

Do you use mind maps? What are your top tips for using mind maps?

Happy reading,
Amelia x


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