Saturday, 29 April 2017

I'm revising and I'm reading

Oh boy, I did not think I would have been so serious about revision. It has kind of taken over my life if I'm being completely fair. Even when I'm not revising I'm creating revision timetables for my study leave and the weekends. It's a wee bit crazy, I must say.

The good thing is that I'm actually reading more! When I last posted I was reading Six of Crows and I've read quite a few books since then. I'm still about 5 books behind my Goodreads goal but hey ho, it's alright. I've got the summer holidays to catch up anyway.

I haven't read 1984, instead choosing to read Barbara Comyns' Sisters By A River. It was alright, nothing particularly special but I find Comyns' writing to be quite interesting and I'm looking forward to picking up the last of her books that I currently own.

Speaking of owning books, I've never wanted to buy books more. It's almost as if I'm having some weird withdrawal from not buying any books in a while. It's strange. But, I still have plenty of books on my shelves and Kindle before I decide to pick up anymore from the shops. Might make the exception for ACOWAR so I can binge read the trilogy but at the moment I'm not really feeling in the mood to be supporting SJM considering her serious lack of diversity and the acephobia in the extract that was just released. If you want an author who cares about their audience look no further than Rick Riordan. On Twitter, I witnessed one of the most fulfilling author-to-reader discussions of all time. A reader had pointed out the offensive nature of referring to "spirit animals" within a Magnus Chase book and Rick responded that he was talking to his editor about having it removed from all future printings. This is the kind of author that I'm here for.

I will probably to continue reading SJM books so I can form my own opinions but at the moment I'm not really too sure.

I think that's enough for now, I have got to go and revise again. But, please do tell me about your reading at the moment. Are you revising for any exams? Any tips?!
Amelia x

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Guess who's back

Happy April! I know, it's been a long time since I last posted but that's beside the point. So, instead of dwelling on the time I didn't spend blogging, I thought I would just talk about whatever I fancied for a more casual blog post. No promises as to whether I'll be uploading regularly, but I would like to do some more posts as it's one of my resolutions.

First of all, Taylor Swift. Where is she?! I appreciate that she's on break and owes nothing to us. I'm truly pleased that she's getting to have some time off from all of the craziness of her life. However, with all the rumours circulating about TS6, I'm feeling a little impatient. It's not even that I'm desperate for new music, I miss her tweets and Instagram posts and funny interviews. Well, I can only assume that we'll be waiting for a few long months more until we hear anything else. I know I'll love whatever she does, regardless.

TV! Literally for the first time in my life I have so many shows that I'm up to date with and am anticipating new episodes for! I'm completely up to date with Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Grey's will always be my favourite but I'm not feeling Scandal as much anymore. Not gonna lie, I'm not a big fan of Olivia Pope anymore - I liked it when they just solved simple cases and there was no overly dramatic plot lines that confused me. I've also started watching The Catch. I've watched the first two episodes of the first season but my parents are saving the second season for me which I appreciate. Shonda Rhimes just knows how to do a TV show right.

Another show is Big Little Lies which is FULL of Hollywood stars. It's quite slow and dreamy but I really like it and am super intrigued about the whole murder mystery that we haven't really gotten any answers for yet. The last show I've been enjoying is Once Upon A Time S2. I've seen this before but totally forgot a lot of what went down, so I wanted to re-watch before diving into S3 onwards.

My reading has really slowed down, I mean it took me half a month to read Uprooted. I've no idea why. It was on my Kindle, so you'd expect it to go a little quicker? I think the writing just wasn't for me, I felt there was a lot that wasn't being said and I was easily distracted from the plot which really didn't help. I'm now reading Six of Crows and I can already tell that this might go a little quicker than Uprooted. In terms of classics, I'm keeping up with the one-a-month schedule and in April I plan on reading 1984 by George Orwell which I've never read before. I've been meaning to read Orwell for YEARS and I'm pleased to get the chance. Only problem is that once I've read all the good classics on my shelves I'll be left with just Austen. There's nothing wrong with her, I just can't really get into it. Still got P&P and Emma to read, though. I kind of want to pick up the others as they appeal to me more, but I don't know if I can actually make myself read that much Austen.

Other than the usual, revision has really stepped up for me. The looming exams have started to frighten me so I'm in panic revision mode which means I am pretty productive, but I also seem to have massive bursts of procrastination which doesn't balance.

I think that's enough for today, I need to go and make more cue cards for RS! How are you all doing? I'd love to hear about anything you're loving.