Thursday, 18 December 2014

TOP 5 WEDNESDAY ||| Historical Books


Welcome to my very first T5W blog post! If you don't know what T5W is then let me explain... Lainey (GingerReadsLainey on YouTube) set up a Goodreads group where  you basically list your top 5 books for each topic listed. This is a Thursday, so it is a little late but I love historical fiction so I really wanted this to be one of my first T5W blog posts!

5. The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan
When I read this book this year I was captivated by mystery of the plot and the unreliable narrator. The author actually did a Q&A on Goodreads where she answered my question which was pretty cool! Also, this cover is just beatiful.

4. The Secret Countess by Eva Ibbotson
My cousin gave me this book after she gave up on it. I found the cliché love story enjoy to read and it felt just like a historical chikc-lit. Typical plotline of a rich girl becoming poor and having to work in a rich man's house whom she falls in love with. Really cute though.

3. The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
I am a huge fan of Natalie Portman, and that is mainly down to my Star Wars obsession. Unfortunately, I have yet to see the movie but the book was great! Quite a bit of graphic sexual stuff though, so I'm leaving the sequel until I'm a little bit older.

2. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
This was one of the first historical fiction novels I've ever read. It's set in the southern states of the USA (which one I can't remember) and follows three black maids and a white woman. It's an incredible story about racism and people in general. Strongly recommend.

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
If this book isn't the top of your list for historical books then obviously you haven't read it yet. I personally didn't cry but it was such an emotional book and I love every aspect about it. It's sohard to put my love for this book into words. Truly amazing. You need to read it.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what my top 5 historical reads are. I'll be back with another blog post soon!


Friday, 21 November 2014

BOOK TAG ||| The Chocolate Book Tag

So, if you've ever watched BookTube (YouTube for the bookz) then you'll know that there's a variety of book tags with a range of different questions. This particular tag has questions based around types of chocolate etc.

1. Dark Chocolate - a book that covers a dark topic

For this, I've chosen What If They Find Us? which is about two young Jewish girls hiding in a nunnery during the Holocaust and World War Two.

2. Milk Chocolate - a book that has a lot of hype that you’re dying to read

I'll Give You The Sun sounds like a really interesting book and I'd love to read it!

3. Chocolate With A Caramel Centre - a book that made you feel all gooey in the middle while you were reading it

It has to be Anna and the French Kiss! This is such a sweet, fluffy contemporary with lovely romance!

4. Wafer Free Kit Kat - a book that's surprised you lately

I'm going to say The Ocean at the End of the Lane because I expected high things from this book, but it didn't really meet my expectations and wasn't what I expected at all! (Lovely cover though)

5. Snickers - a book you're going nuts about

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordon! I love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and I'm so excited to read the Heroes of Olympus, especially now that all five are out! 

6. Hot Chocolate With Cream And Marshmallows - a book you'd turn to for comfort

The 13 Treasures has always been a favourite of mine. It's filled with faries and mildly scary spooks!

7. White Chocolate - favourite lighthearted read

Personally, I Blame My Fairy Godmother is such a hilarious and cheery read and I'm sure it would be the first book I'd turn to if I need a pick-me-up.

8. Box Of Chocolates - a series you feel has a wide variety and something for everyone

The Gone series has the perfect blend of paranormal, horror, comedy and romance to keep anyone happy! Like any six book series, the books become better as they continue and I was sobbing by the time I finished Light.

I hope you enjoyed the tag! The original creator is: A Daydreamer's Ramblings who you can find on YouTube!


Saturday, 15 November 2014

BOOK REVIEW ||| All The Truth That's In Me

From the 2014 Carnegie Award Shortlist

I would give this book a rating of 3.5 out of 5. The foreshadowing during the storyline was done well and kept you asking for more whilst the unlikeable characters kept the world realistic. I thought the format of the book allowed you to think more deeply over what you’d just read and made the flashbacks more impactful to read. However, one of the things I didn’t enjoy reading was the Bible quotes; they were dragging and dull to read, which put me off from reading. Characters throughout the book were reasonably well-developed, although I found Judith to be quite sappy at times, but the honesty in Lucas was endearing – somehow the romance between the two felt too cliché to be realistic, unrequited love would have been much more realistic. The ending was satisfactory but considering the story took a mysterious turn, I would have liked some of the questions to remain unanswered for a more dramatic ending and to show that in a harsh, judgemental society you’d never find out all the answers you’re looking for. Now that I’ve finished reading, the title becomes extremely clear and suitable to the plot of the book and the secrets that are uncovered; the cover also fits the theme of the book as one of the main settings is a forest.


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