Blogmas Day 6 // Revision Techniques >>> Cue Cards

As you may know, I am currently in my first year of sixth form which means I'm studying for my AS Levels which I'll take at the end of this school year. We only have a year to learn the information needed for these exams so it's best to get revising as soon as possible!

One of my favourite ways to revise is using cue cards. You can easily break down chunks of information into manageable bits and they're great for quizzing! My top tip for using them is to colour code them, though. If you make too many you'll never remember what they're all for!

Currently, I'm only using cue cards for two
subtopics. I'm using them for half of my history course which focuses on China and I'm also making another set for key words in Ethics (although I might make some for the Philosophy ones as well). Cue cards are particularly good for key terms or learning languages as they're double-sided and you can set them out in a question/answer format. This technique is also really handy when you have quite a large topic and need to make sure that you're putting each bit of information under the right theme or key topic.

Another handy thing about cue cards is that you can buy these adorable little folders to keep them in! This makes revising extra fun as you get to surround yourself with bright colours, which always makes me want to revise more! Also, they're so cute and small. Besides the physical attractiveness of the cue card folders, they also keep you organised and I believe you can even buy little dividers (ahh so cute!!) to separate the cue cards up. You may have gathered that I quite enjoy being organised and this is perfect to keep all your things in order!

I wasn't completely sold on cue cards in the beginning but my maths teacher pushed our whole class to buy them and even threatened detention if we didn't get them! Personally, I didn't find that they worked too well with maths topics so I transferred them to geography. For geography, I created complete sets of colour-coded sets for each of the topics within GCSE geography and they were so satisfying to revise from! This is a good idea to revise as you aren't bogged down with books and notes but short and snappy questions and bullet points so you don't feel as drained. Honestly, the worst thing about revision is feeling bored - that's when you start to procrastinate!

That's my top tip for using cue cards to revise, hope you enjoyed! Did everyone have their advent calendars today? December is great, man. Chocolate every day? Yes, please!

Have a lovely day and happy reading!
Amelia x


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