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 I thought that today I'd recommend some of my all time favourite YouTubers. It just so happens that they live in London and happen to be friends! I'm not entirely sure if they're all friends, but I refer to them collectively as the London Squad because they live in London, produce content I love and there also seems to be friendships between them! I'm going to run you through each member individually and what it is I love watching them for. Obviously, this is isn't the entirety of the "London Squad" but these are the ones I particularly enjoy watching. I hope you enjoy!

 Jen Campbell: If you ever don't know what book to pick up next, Jen is the person you need to see. She's published several books including Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops and The Bookshop Book and I really need to read some more of her work! She always has a recommendation for every occasion and as her main forte is short stories, poetry and literary fiction, it's really opened my eyes to a lot of new literature I might not have previously looked at.

Sanne @ booksandquills: I think Sanne was one of the first ever Booktubers I discovered and I always enjoy hearing her reviews as they're concise and informative. She also currently runs the Penguin Platform YouTube channel so you often get to see her more than once a week! Sanne is originally from the Netherlands and she has loads of interesting videos on language and translated fiction which has helped widen my awareness about where the books I'm reading come from.

Jean @ bookishthoughts: Jean recently moved to London from Edinburgh, but she's been part of the London gang for ages. She was one of the five Man Booker Vloggers in 2015 and it was really fun watching the collaborations and discussions about the books long-listed. Jean also has an impressive home library (which we don't see anymore now she lives in London) but she also offers more than books with unboxings and stationery hauls.

Lauren @ readsanddaydreams: I think Lauren may be the newest of the bunch, but I always enjoy seeing her videos in my subscription feed. Recently, she's started two fantastic series. One on Shakespeare, which as a sixth form student I find incredibly helpful and interesting. The other series is one where she invites guests to bring a drink and a book to talk about. It's a lot of fun and something different to add to the community!

Hannah Witton: Even though Hannah isn't directly a Booktuber, she's one of the three members of the Banging Book Club (I'll talk about the others in a minute) and in her monthly favourites I always look forward to seeing what she's been reading. The main reason I enjoy watching her videos is her series The Hormone Diaries where she documents coming off of the pill and what follows. Hannah always engages with her audience and I enjoy thinking about the topics that she brings up - for example, why are there no female magicians?

Emily Diana Ruth:
She may not be the most regular uploader, but you will fall in love with her style. You may know Emily from her Letters to July series which is absolutely wonderful and I love it. More recently, she has been uploading videos on the behind-the-scenes of her TV show Cold. I feel this offers something a little bit different to what some of these other ladies do which is nice to get variety.

Rosianna Halse Rojas: Whenever Rosianna uploads a video I always go and get a drink and sit down properly. Her videos always make you think and consider different things. Funnily enough, Rosianna doesn't live in London anymore, she's moved to Indianapolis for her work and if you follow her on Snapchat, you'll know how cool her flat is. I enjoy that she doesn't just upload the usual types of videos and tries to offer a unique perspective.

Lucy Moon: Another of the Banging Book Club creators, Lucy is much more of a lifestyle vlogger than Booktuber. Her 168 hours videos are always a joy to watch and it condenses the time period nicely instead of having masses of videos for a single, short trip. The other thing I enjoy about Lucy's videos is her taste in music. I'm still discovering what it is I like to listen to so I always write down recommendations so I can give them a listen later.

Lex Croucher: I love Lex. Her main style is short comical videos on issues that can be both important or trivial. Recently, she adopted a cat and it is adorable. Seriously, she knows how to high-five and everything. Another thing I really value is the fact that Lex promotes cruelty free make-up, and as that's something I'm trying to be conscious about, I really appreciate how she mentions it.

Marion Honey: Marion is also a cruelty-free supporter and the main way I know her is through her joint beauty channel with Sanne called DerpinaMode. She's also always changing up her hair which I think is rather cool. Most recently on her channel, she's uploaded some travel videos featuring Sanne, including their trip to Norway that I'm insanely jealous of. Also, that girl is an expert packer. Both Marion and Sanne packed three days worth of stuff in a backpack each. There's a video with some impressive tips you should definitely check out.

Leena @ justkissmyfrog: Last, but not least is Leena (the final creator of the Banging Book Club). Leena also has cool hair and I'm always interested in her points of view. Some of her videos are really atmospheric and clever in how they've been produced. My favourite videos of hers are the ones where she just sits you down and tells you about the books she's recently finished and wants to push at people. Also, her series Stupid Questions with Leena is fantastic and really opens up conversations.

There you have it, I think that's 11 individual people I've recommended? Please check some of these wonderful ladies out, I think they're creating things that are really worthwhile and interesting to watch.

I'll see you tomorrow?
Happy reading,
Amelia x


  1. I Love this! I may even have to steal the idea. Your layout is impeccable OMG <3


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