Blogmas Day 2 // Bookish Gift Guide

If you love books, all you ever want to give other people is books. Am I right? There's nothing more thrilling than sharing the stories you love with the people you love. So, I have three books to suggest as gifts and then some bookish items I think your friends and family would really love.

The first type of book I'd like to suggest is a book from a series. I don't mean a trilogy or anything like that, but a publishing series. For example, the Penguin English Library classics (which are my absolute fave and I want them all!) or the different editions Vintage has published of particular authors' works.These make great gifts, either as a start to their collection or to add to their never ending pile of books! Perfect if you don't know their particular taste, as a classic is a classic for a reason - they never go out of style.

An actual book you could buy people is the winner of a famous literary prize. It doesn't even have to be a famous one! If you want to stick to a prize they might have heard of then The Vegetarian by Han Kang won the International Man Booker so there's lots of buzz around that. I'd quite like to read that one myself, actually. Another book prize I trust is the Carnegie medal, they announce their winner in the sum

mertime so make sure that the person you're gifting it to doesn't already have it! Or, if you want to splurge a little extra on them, why don't you get them a selection from the shortlist? You could choose the book from the shortlist that you think they would like most, as opposed to the general "here's the winner". It makes it a little more personal.

Finally, the last type of book you should gift is one alongside it's DVD adaptation. This is the perfect gift for those of your friends/family who don't like reading as much as you, but you still want to share the story with them. Current adaptations you could consider include: Me Before You, Room, Alice Through the Looking Glass. There's loads out there, and it doesn't have to be one that's come out this year! Also, this gives you opportunity to watch a movie with your friends and opens up the discussion of how accurate it was.

So, we've covered the types of books you can buy people, but what about the little extras that make Christmas extra special?

Something a little quirky and extra special is perfume that smells like books. Yes, you can buy perfume that smells like books! I'm excited. The Fragrance Library offers a wide range of slightly obscure scents and paperback books just so happens to be one of them. This is a great gift when your person already owns too many books and you don't want to risk buying something that they already have. Also, who doesn't want to smell like books?

Another idea is to buy them their Hogwarts scarf. Whether they're Ravenclaw (yes team!) or Slytherin, a warm stripy scarf in their house colours is the perfect gift. Especially in the Northern hemisphere where Christmas is coldddd. These scarves look great and they'll be sure to get plenty of complements on it. Not to mention, everyone secretly wants their Hogwarts house scarf, let's be real.

There you have it, a quick last minute gift guide to all the bookish items you can get your friends! I didn't want to get too specific with the books as I know they may not appeal to everyone, so hopefully with this layout you'll be able to find something to suit everyone.

Happy reading,
Amelia x


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