Booktube-A-Thon 2016 // Day Number 4

I finished a book today! Yayy! This now means I've read 5 books out of the challenge of reading 7 and I'm super excited about that and feeling rather accomplished.

Today's read was Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff and unfortunately it fell short of my expectations. I guess I'd assumed the main character would be at least 16 but, she was only 12 which meant the narrative was slightly different to what I'd assumed. Also, the story was just plain strange. it's about a girl and her dad who travel to New York to see one of her dad's friends, only he disappeared a few days before they arrived. Now, their trip turns into a search for this missing friend.

That summary sounds good on paper, but in 195 pages you don't get to know any of the characters enough to really care about anything that's going on. If I'm completely honest, I felt the "reveal" was rather anti-climatic. So, my first try of Rosoff's work wasn't a success but hopefully I'll find something by her that I can enjoy!

Today's Instagram challenge involved taking a photo of your book and a snack so I took a photo with my homemade truffles that I made yesterday (and didn't mention in my update :P). Unfortunately, hashtags are down on Insta so Ariel will have a tough time with all the entries!

I'm not too sure if I'll read anymore today. I may start Spot the Difference by Juno Dawson, but I bought the Hamilton Soundtrack today so I kind of want to listen to that again today. Also, there's 26 videos on my Watch Later playlist so I will most likely be watching at least half of those! Taking a break from reading shouldn't be a problem as I'm ahead of schedule and I don't want to burn myself out too early!

My plans for tomorrow are to (start and) finish Spot the Difference and maybe Saga Volume One. Saga wasn't originally on my TBR but I'd reserved it from the library and I want to read it before I go on holiday on Sunday so I might actually read it in the library!

What are you planning on reading tomorrow?

Happy reading,
A x


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