Booktube-A-Thon 2016 // Day Two

Coming to you later than yesterday (oops) it's the daily BookTubeAThon wrap up!(!!!!!) So, how's everyone been doing today? Been reading? I hope so - we need to complete ALL THE CHALLENGES!!

The morning started with me finishing off The Square Root of Summer after breakfast. I ended up sitting outside to read, even though it was only around 9:30am and it isn't usually as warm as it was today!

Unfortunately I didn't participate in any of the sprints on Twitter but I did take a photo for the Instagram challenge and I'm happy with how that turned out which is good! Even though it's only day 2 of the readathon I'm already feeling really motivated to read lots and to post pretty photos of all the books! I'm thinking that once I've honed my "photography" (because, let's be real, all I'm doing is taking a dodgy photo and applying a filter :P) I'll be able to include more photos for my blog posts!

After finishing Square Root of Summer, I quickly dived into The Martian. I didn't initially enjoy this book from the get-go. It was getting super warm (29 degrees Celsius!) which was making me sleepy so I wasn't really taking in any of the space/science-lingo. I took a little break from reading, did the Instagram challenge and caught up on a few BookTube videos. Once I was fully rested and had eaten dinner I jumped back into The Martian and managed to make a bit of progress!

That brings us to now. Right here. This very moment. The sun has most definitely set so I'm going to pick Ode To London back up and hopefully plough through the last half of it. If not, there's always the next 5 nights!

I've been using a handy chart that I drew up. I colour in a little square each time I read 5 pages so it shows me how much I've been reading. It also helps to keep my book total up-to-date as I put an asterisk in the box when I've completed the book! Although I'm not a journaller (bullet or otherwise) I think I may continue using charts like this to track my reading!

What have you read today? Did you take part in any of the sprints?

Happy reading,
A x


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