Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Top 5 Wednesday // 2017 Resolutions

More resolutions! What! I know I've already down some resolutions but I didn't want to miss out on T5W so I've come up with even more resolutions to fit this topic.

Only one of these is bookish but I wanted to make sure I was making resolutions for all aspects of my life, not just the reading side. Let's begin?

5. Read more classics
Although the classics challenge isn't being run officially this year, I still want to be reading a classic a month. After scouring my shelves I've worked out that I've got 10-11 classics on my shelves which is wonderful and means I shouldn't have to buy any books to fit the challenge. It also helps that a lot of them are free on Kindle to download. I always enjoy reading classics, but I always pass them by in favour of a more modern book so I'm excited to put the focus back onto the classics.

4. Consume more diverse media
Throughout 2016 I became more aware of diversity and representation in media. However, being aware of the problems in media isn't enough; I want to consciously be making the effort to ensure the media I'm consuming is diverse. This could be anything from reading/watching things with POC characters to being a piece of media with a discussion of diversity within it. The media is getting slightly better at representation and hopefully I'll be able to find some shows/movies/books easily. But, please leave any recommendations in the comments.

3. Cook more
I enjoy cooking, but at home it's really my mum or dad who do the cooking for the family. In preparation of moving out and going to uni in a few years, I'd like to try cooking at least one meal a month or something to improve my cooking skills. As it's something I enjoy, this shouldn't be too hard and I'll hopefully be able to make things that I'll like eating and will be able to make when I leave home at some point.

2. Be adventurous 
I've always been somewhat shy, so I really want to try out new things in 2017 and challenge myself. Some ways I could do this is by setting up a reading club at my school, going on trips and just all round saying yes to things I want to do. I think this will really help to develop my character and I want to be unashamedly present in the moment and make sure I'm getting the best from every situation. Gosh, it could be something as simple as putting my hand up to ask/answer a question in a lesson when I normally don't.

1. Listen to new music
I do this anyway, but I'm always trying out new music and finding different albums that I love and want to listen to. My CD collection is one of my favourite things and I love choosing which disc to listen to next and seeing all of them lined up together. I think I'd like to do some blog posts where I choose an album off of my shelf and discuss my favourite and least favourite songs from it. But, other than listening to the music I own, I want to discover artists and albums that blow me away. Maybe I'll do a To Be Listened To blog post with some of the artists I want to check out!

I hope you enjoyed my five resolutions for 2017 and it seems I've got a few ideas of blog posts I want to do in the future! Hopefully you'll see a few of them around! Leave any suggestions or input on the resolutions below, and tell me what resolutions you have this year!

Happy reading,
Amelia x

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