Bookish Bucket List // Midway Progress

Hey guys,

Remember when I posted that ambitious list of books that I wanted to read this year?

Well, by July you'd expect me to have read around half of that list, right? Haha, if only I was that dedicated to making progress. 

Breaking news: I've only read 2. The titles I've read are A Game of Thrones and How Hard Can Love Be? so I have enjoyed what I've read... it's just that I haven't read very much from the list. *squeals in shame*

I am planning on definitely having Gatsby finished by the end of the year but I can't make promises about any of the others. My TBR has grown quite a bit since I started using my Kindle (and buying all the cheap books!) I'm thinking of maybe making an eBook TBR jar to help me with that but I won't begin until after I come back off of holiday.

So, did you make a book bucket list? Have you made better progress than me|? Let me know!
Happy reading,
A x


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