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At sixth form there's a lot of opportunities to get involved with the school community, and one way I've gotten involved is by joining the school magazine.

More specifically, this means meeting every Wednesday to discuss what articles we want to write, cover design and anything else that's going on. As the correspondent for books and publishing, I really enjoy my role on the team. We just handed in our first articles and mine was a review of Percy Jackson with added "inside knowledge" from Rick Riordan which I found on an interview on his website. The magazine is distributed via email and there's also a website where all the articles will be posted together.

One of the reasons I enjoy this, is that magazine writing isn't too dissimilar from this here blog. I obviously have to keep my tone more formal when it comes to the magazine, but I still get to write about what I love. Also, the fact that I get to leave early after meetings is a plus.

In fact, I'm so excited about this magazine that I've started thinking about what articles I could possibly write next! I think my next article might be on fairy tale retellings and how fairy tales have evolved over time, and rewriting them into retellings is furthering this evolution of the stories. Hopefully, I'll be able to see if Jen Campbell might be willing to add some insight for me!

Another article I thought might be quite interesting would be a look at how publishing relies on technology now. For example, Pan MacMillan and Penguin both have YouTube channels which is a large step forward when it comes to the traditional publishing industry.

There wasn't really an overarching purpose to this post, I'm just really excited about school life at the moment and want to talk about it with you. Have you got any article ideas for me?

Happy reading,
Amelia x


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