HIATUS ||| Where have I been?

Well, it looks like I've been neglecting the blog.

I know, I know, I was 5 posts in and then I gave it up again. BUT NOW I have a plan. I aim to upload weekly, whether it's a review, top 5 or wrap-up. I also want to take some photos of the books I've been reading and get into that.

Getting back into blogging is going to take a while and I don't plan on doing so straightaway, in fact I'm not going to start properly blogging again until September. That's when school starts and that's when order returns to my life. I'm also looking into getting myself a nice camera, so, you might not see me until 2016. That's quite embarassing, but I don't want to jump blindly into this. I want to plan and make sure I'm giving detailed descriptions and reviews. This blog should be a document of my reading life, as well as my other interests. That's not happening at the moment.

So, I'm sorry for my hiatus, and I'm sorry that it's going to continue. I just hope you'll stick with me whilst I sort myself out!

Happy reading
A x


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