GOODREADS GOAL ||| 2015 Reading Challenge

It may already be February but I still feel the need to make it known that I'm doing the 100 book challenge this year! I plan to read 100 books by the 31st December 2015 and I'm already on my 24th book, as of right now.

Last year I started recording the books I read, but I didn't challenge myself to a certain amount - I just wanted to see what I was capable of reading in a year. In 2014 I read around 90 books. In 2015 I plan to read 10 more. Luckily, if I start to fall behind the library has a great collection of graphic novels that I can read to catch up with my target! My TBR has also decreased dramatically since that was my goal last year. I wanted to get my TBR down to a manageable number so I would be able to place a book order once I got down to the last three books waiting to be read. This plan has worked so far and I love the spontaneity of ordering books. Normally, I know exactly what sort of book I want to read next but by the time I've made the order I've chosen completely different books to what I set out to read!

Hopefully 2015 will be a great reading year, and I can't wait to see what books I'm yet to read this year!



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