As we all know, my blog is often littered with many posts about how "I'm sorry I didn't post..." and "I promise I'll be back on schedule". Well, enough is enough and I've decided to take a different stand with my erratic blog schedule.

This year, I thought I would participate in Blogmas! Which, like Vlogmas, involves posting content everyday in the lead up to Christmas. Yes, Christmas is almost here! I think this will be a great way of getting me back into the blogging spirit and I promise that not every post will be Christmassy!

For the rest of today I'm going to start planning out what it is exactly I want to post each day and I'll start pre-writing so I don't have to worry about falling behind midway through December.

I'd be really interested to hear if you have any suggestions as to what content you'd like to see and I'm always open to new ideas! Hopefully, if I get into the habit of posting regularly for a while, it will eventually stick and become part of my routine.

That's all I have to update you on, really, with what I want to do with the blog, but I thought I'd do a general update as well.

As you may know, I'm currently in my first year at sixth form and am loving it. I made the decision to go to a sixth form that wasn't attached to my previous school which meant I had to say goodbye to a lot of my lovely friends. But, luckily I still get to meet up with them and have the giggles. This did mean I've had the opportunity to make lots of new friends and they're all absolute babes. I'm not entirely sure if I've ever laughed as much as when I'm with these girls.

Other than making friends, I've also been attempting to set up a reading club at school. Unfortunately, that didn't go exactly to plan! You see, the only people who turned up were the friends I'd invited and who'd agreed to support me. It was a little bit of a failure! Not to worry though, I'm going to work on some posters and other ways to get the word out!

I think that's pretty much it for today, folks, so I'll leave you now and see you again in December! I can't believe that 2017 is almost here! Crazy stuff.

Have a lovely day,
happy reading A x


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